Changing your Wedding Date

Now that we all have a better handle on what’s to come, rescheduling events has almost become like the Kate Spade 75% off sale. Available dates are limited, everything is changing by the hour, and you hold your breath and cross your fingers as you hit send on the bazilyionth email to your vendors to see if everything aligns.

I know some couples have already sent out either Save the Dates or even their invitations. Some may have a box of invitations waiting patiently to be sent, but the date is no longer correct.

Take a breath.
You don’t need to reprint everything.

I’ve added a few Save the Date/Change the Date cards as well as Change of Plans inserts to the shop. I can update the fonts to closely match your invitations and we can update the wording to inform guests of how to RSVP properly.

Save the Date cards can be for clients who didn't initially send out Save the Dates and haven't sent out invitations, but want to let guests know of their new plans. These can also be for couples just starting to plan.

Change the Date cards are for those clients who have sent Save the Dates, but need their guests to save a new date. These can also be used for clients who have sent their invitations, but just need to give guests the new date and the rest of the information stays the same.

Change of Plans inserts are for clients that have already ordered their wedding invitations and just want to slip an insert in the envelope with the updated information instead of ordering new invitations. Those invitations will still make beautiful keepsakes.

Even if you, yourself are not rescheduling an event, there’s a good chance you know someone who is or you’re a wedding vendor yourself and this is a suggestion you can make to your clients.

There’s always a solution.