National Sticker Day DIY Printable

It's National Sticker Day! #nationalstickerday

Anyone else hoard stickers growing up? Lisa Frank was my favorite, as I would imagine most would agree. I was a member of her fan club and each month I would get a pack or two in my packet. Some I would stash away because they were my favorites.

In honor of National Sticker Day, I created a DIY sticker printable for you! This would be a great coloring project for the kids, or a little end-of-the-day coloring mediation for you.

How to print and use your DIY Sticker Printable. Click on any of the images to get to the listing.

What you'll need:
1. Full Sheet Labels (grab some from Staples here. Choose Curbside Pick-up and grab them while you're out and about or on the way home from work.) or Printer Paper and a sticker making machine like the Xyron Creative Station
2. Printer
3. Markers, Crayons, Colored Pencils, or Paint
4. Scissors

Let's Go!

1. Gather your tools, download and Print the PDF download on your sticker paper or your printer paper.

2. I trimmed my sheet in half, giving me two sets of stickers. If you've printed on printer paper and will be running it through a sticker making machine, follow the instructions for your specific machine.

3. Color the fast food illustrations however you want! Be creative - you can always print more!

4. Trim your individual stickers out

5. Peel and Decorate with your new stickers!

You can load this PDF in Procreate first to color in your stickers, print, and use, as well. If you love the artwork you created and want to create multiple sheets, Sticker Mule is my go-to. They even have a full sheet sticker option! If you spend $10 or more, use this link to get $10 free.

If you use your download, tag me and show me! @_kristenbecker
This artwork is intended for personal use only and no form of it, as is or altered, may be listed for resale or commercial use.

Scissors, Markers, and Paper Trimmer for DIY Fast Food Stickers
DIY Fast Food Stickers Print Window
Trimming DIY Fast Food Stickers
Coloring DIY Fast Food Stickers
Trim Individual DIY Fast Food Stickers
Peel DIY Fast Food Stickers
Decorate with your DIY Fast Food Stickers