My First Collection // Playlist

November 14th of 2018
I had a pretty good meltdown over where my career was going.

November 21st of 2018
I picked up my paint brush, sent a photo to my friends as proof that I started painting and was met with “That’s only proof you have a brush.” (My friends knew I needed more of a push).

February 13
I handed over my first finished commissioned painting to my bestest cheerleader.

April 11
A good friend commissioned a large backdrop for her business.

June 17th
I scrapped my first painting and it’s currently hanging in my dining room because I just can’t toss it.

October 1st
I pulled 3 pieces from this collection because they weren’t right.

October 2nd
I panicked that I didn’t have enough work for a collection.

October 7th
I picked up my brush and kept painting.

Weaved into the down time of client work, late at night, and on the weekends, I started to paint. It was a very slow process, some paintings I would finish in a week. Others months.


Creating my first collection was a little intimidating. I had all these blank canvases waiting patiently for their turn to come alive and I hadn't picked up a paintbrush in over ten years.

So I did what I've always done when I'm in the studio; I hooked up my speaker, turned on some music and just started putting paint on the canvas.

Music is and always has been a constant. I constantly made mixed tapes and quickly moved on to mix CDs and now, playlists. Songs conjure up memories which then bring forth all sorts of emotions; good and bad, happy and heartbreaking.

And preference in music is such a personal thing. It's much like artwork in that way. So when you find someone that connects with music in the same way you do, or finds meaning in a string of words that create lyrics, there's an instant relationship.

This collections was created from song lyrics; I've always been drawn to song lyrics. Some hold deep meaning, some just roll off the tongue easily and other have a great set of words strung together to convey a thought.

And they all helped shape this first collection of paintings.

So I share with you...

... my Playlist.