I'm Kristen, Your Artist


Being an artist is a lot like trying on bathing suits 20 minutes after you've eaten Thanksgiving dinner and then going out to the middle of downtown to ask everyone what they think.


That's what it feels like to put artwork out into the world.


I'm Kristen and I'm an abstract painter and sketch artist in Northern Kentucky, just minutes from downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. I've spent the past 15 years designing; 10 of those years have been in the wedding industry running my former company, Five Dot Design, designing custom wedding invitations. It was within the last few years that I began combining my paintings and drawings with my invitation designs for my clients. The video above shows a glimpse into the process of handmade and hand-embellished invitations.


My invitation design has been seen on Martha Stewart, Glamour, Bravo, Huffington Post, and HGTV.


And, I mean, if we're getting down to superlatives, I have to mention I was voted Most Talented my senior year in high school. Don't pretend like you aren't impressed by that.


My re-charge is the ocean and my inspiration is a beach sunset. I’m the girl at your party having a conversation with the dog, a fountain Coke can cure just about anything, torture is asking me to pick a restaurant, and I like my bourbon neat, while my work space (and my bun) are usually messy.