Custom, commissioned paintings are always a fun challenge for me and working with clients is one of my favorite parts of being an artist. I would love nothing more than to create for you.

Here are a few things to get us started.

I want to see it all - the space you plan to hang your painting, the colors you love, photos that catch your eye... nothing is off limits. Throw it all on a Pinterest board or send me links - whatever works for you.
Note that these images are all for inspiration, not reference. Your commissioned piece will be painted as the photos and colors inspire me.

My minimum size for a custom painting is 24" x 36"

On average, most commission pieces are about 20% more than read-to-ship artwork. I will require a 50% retainer with the remaining balance and shipping due once the piece has been complete. Once we talk through the painting, I'll give you a quote that falls within the scope of the project

Most commission pieces require 4-6 weeks for completion, but will vary throughout the year.

The vision for each piece never comes to me the same way. Sometimes I can see it before I paint it, sometimes I see it as I'm painting - and sometimes the brush just has a mind of its own. But as the painting evolves, I will send you progress photos and updates.

If for any of these questions you sort of shrugged your shoulders, let's talk through it. To talk through your project and secure a place on my calendar, fill out the form below.