Little Artist Commission Project

When my brother and I were little, we would spend weeks with our sketchbooks and crayons and colored pencils, drawing as much as we could. We would each take turns setting up the family room as a gallery where my parents could purchase our pieces and we could purchase each other’s pieces.

Kids' imaginations are infectious. Kids create without fear and with such big imagination that it’s refreshing. It’s such a fantastic peek into their little minds.

I’ve always loved the idea of a children’s art gallery. C and I had the plan all mapped out when we dreamed up our retail shop : kid’s artwork would hang on the wall, patrons would purchase it and the proceeds would go back to the little artist.

This project is similar, except I will be commissioning artwork from little artists for my own private collection (and who knows, maybe I can eventually turn this space into the kid's gallery I've always wanted to create!)

Fill out the form below to start the commission process (this is an important step so that I can keep track of all my little artists.) Please, one piece per artist.

Once the form as been filled out, you will receive an email with all the information you'll need. I will also save daily prompts to my Highlights on Instagram if you need some ideas to get things moving along.

I'm so excited to work with your little artist and can't wait to fill my walls with all of these creations.