It started with mix tapes.

Then it moved to mix CDs.

Then playlists.

Each song always carefully considered and the order in which the songs appear usually deliberate. Sentiments layered over melodies and chords and beats to linger in the back of your mind, causing a sense of nostalgia to wash over you once you hear the first few notes.

You remember it.

You see it.

You feel it.

I’ve always been drawn to specific lyrics within a song - the words that are chosen and way they’re arranged to build upon one another - each word is artfully chosen to convey a thought. Sometimes those lyrics are layered over beautiful melodies or the perfect chord sequence, and sometimes it’s the slightest change in tone that sets the words on fire.

This collection was created from song lyrics pulled from my playlist. A beautiful mix of words layered into each piece with brushstrokes to create a collection with movement and meaning. Though pulling song lyrics out of a song doesn’t always show their full strength, it allows me to capture that moment.

So I share with you... my Playlist.