Reference Photo Uploader


The reference photo is key when ordering a custom, hand-drawn piece of art. When I create, I want the final piece of artwork to resemble the subject(s) as closely as possible - I love details! I love getting in there and really capturing the likeness and personality of my subject.

I've pulled together a few tips for selecting the right photo

  • A clear, crisp photo always wins! The better I can see details, the better the drawing. A professional photo is great, but not always necessary.
  • High resolution is your bestie. Phone photos have come a long way, so if that's what you've got, send it on over! If you have a photo your realtor or photographer took, I want to see it. If you're pulling the image from a website, right-click or control-click on the photo and do a "Save Image As"
  • Please send the image file or even the original, if you have it (I'll send it back with the artwork - pinky promise!) Screenshots or photocopies just don't capture the detail needed.
  • If you aren't sure what to send - send them all! If you have multiple photos and you're just not sure which would be best, send them all. Really! I can look through my choices to find the best reference photo to use for your piece.
  • Get on their level! If you're sending photos for silhouettes and you're using your phone to take photos, get down on their level! And by that, I mean ensure the lens is level with their profile, not just your phone.

Here are a few examples


And for portraits


If you are scanning in original photos

  • Use the highest resolution, or DPI, available.
  • Scan in color! Details show up much better in color.
  • JPEG file format work great for me.
  • Scan images one at a time and crop in close. This allows me to zoom in and out of details easily.

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