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No one else will have a wooden toolbox made by my great-great grandpa, or a hand-sewn life-sized doll from my great-great grandma. No one else will check the time on a clock my grandpa made, or a sleep in a wooden bed my dad made.

I want your children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren to pass down artwork I created for you that has true, sentimental worth and add to your family's legacy.

I want each generation to tell the story behind the artwork I create for you with pride when someone asks about it.

Be it Grandma’s house where Santa visited every Christmas, a lake house rented each summer for all the cousins to spend a week together, or your childhood home filled with dinners around the table or movies in the basement with neighborhood friends, I want to preserve those memories for you.

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Super Simple DIY Pom Pom Decor

Super Simple DIY Pom Pom Decor

This super simple Pom Pom Decor DIY will be the perfect addition to any Valentine's Day decor or even a cute nursery addition.
National Sticker Day DIY Printable

National Sticker Day DIY Printable

Use these DIY Coloring Page Stickers to decorate letters, notebooks, planners - it's super easy! Simply download the PDF, print, color, trim, peel, and stick!
Mint Juleps and The Kentucky Derby

Mint Juleps and The Kentucky Derby

It doesn't get much more Kentucky than horse racing and with The Kentucky Derby coming up (thanks pandemic), it's time to celebrate something familiar. I've compiled four Mint Julip recipes to get you Derby-ready.

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